Lavender Jelly Trio

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This delightful trio includes three delicious lavender jellies: Lavender, Lavender Peach Pepper, and Lavender Mint for a variety of fresh culinary uses.

Try our premium lavender jellies with toast, on cheese, or with your favourite meats- one of our favourite pairings is lamb with lavender mint jelly! These jellies are the perfect finishing touch to your charcuterie boards, offering delectable new flavour profiles for all to enjoy.

Lavender Jelly Ingredients: Sugar, water, lemon juice, strawberry juice, lavender, pectin. 

Lavender Peach Pepper Jelly Ingredients: Sugar, peach juice, lemon juice, lavender, habanero pepper, pectin.

Lavender Mint Jelly Ingredients: Sugar, mint juice, lemon juice, lavender, pectin. 

300 mL (3 x 100 mL)

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