Lavender Clay Mask

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Bring the spa experience home with this all natural face mask. Kaolin clay detoxifies and draws out impurities while absorbing excess oil as our farm distilled lavender essential oil helps soothe and calm the skin. Chamomile and oatmeal hydrate and rejuvenate leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and radiant. The gently exfoliating and purifying nature of this mask makes it the perfect primer for you skin to prepare it for the rest of your skincare routine to allow other products the penetrate your skin more deeply, or keep it simple and follow up only with your favourite moisturizer.

To use: Mix 2 tsp Lavender Clay Mask to 1 tsp of water until a nice paste is formed using a wooden or ceramic bowl and spoon to mix as metal may react with the natural minerals in the clay. Apply paste to skin and leave on until almost dry, not allowing it to dry fully.  Wash off with warm water to reveal soft, cleansed, beautiful skin. 

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