Lavender Honey

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Terre Bleu's premium line of lavender honey is detectable to the nose and subtle on the palate. Our honey harvest is carefully timed to coincide with the blooming and pollinating of our plants, such that our bees have naturally imparted the flavour of lavender into this deliciously sweet and unadulterated product.

✓ All natural lavender honey with light lavender floral notes
✓ Naturally occurring lavender honey with no additional lavender added

Ingredients: 100% Canadian honey from Terre Bleu on farm bee apiary.

212 mL

Over time honey may naturally crystallize. To de-crystallize your honey, gently heat the honey in a warm water bath. Remove the lid from the jar and place in a small pot, pour water into pot so that it comes halfway up the side of the jar. Allow water to heat up to be hot (but not a boil) to melt the crystals. Stir the honey every few minutes. Once the honey is liquid again, remove from heat and replace lid. 

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