Essential Oil Trio Holiday Gift Box

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Gift Wrap

Give someone the gift of lavender this year with our Essential Oil Trio Holiday Gift Box. Each variety of lavender oil has its own unique properties with the same amazing benefits. 

Melissa is a type of English lavender and is known for its soft white blooms. This oil has a sweet and light fragrance with hints of citrus.

Folgate is part of the English variety with violet/blue flowers. This has a sweet and woody fragrance.

Phenomenal is a French variety and has a deep purple/blue flower. This is one of the strongest varieties with earthy pine notes.

Box Includes:

  • Melissa Lavender Essential Oil (5ml)
  • Folgate Lavender Essential Oil (5ml)
  • Phenomenal Lavender Essential Oil (5ml)

*Add Gift Wrapping: The holidays can be busy, so let our lavender elves take care of the wrapping! Includes our premium custom wrapping paper, a jute ribbon, juniper sprig and a Terre Bleu holiday card for only $5 extra.