It is important to remember that first and foremost we are a working farm, which means that our first priority is the production of our lavender products. We grow 8 different varieties of lavender and as such, the state of our blooms varies continuously. Like any other farmed crop, we experience crop damage and losses due to weather conditions. We also harvest the blooms at peak times to be able to make our very best handmade lavender products, so please set your expectations accordingly.

While you enjoy the farm, we ask that you follow these simple rules.

Terre Bleu Picking Lavender

Please do not step on or pick the lavender.

Terre Bleu Smoking

No smoking anywhere on the property.

Terre Bleu Private Areas

Please respect all private areas.

Terre Bleu Cameras

Hand-held cameras only. Commercial photography requires a permit. View photography rules.

Terre Bleu Trails

Please stay on the forested trails.

Terre Bleu Pets

No pets allowed.


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