The Yellow Door Has Landed

The Boutique and The Yellow Door

The iconic Yellow Door, formerly a well-known feature of the award-winning Terre Bleu farm has found a new home at the Terre Bleu boutique in the heart of beautiful downtown Elora. The occasion marks the renewal of the celebrated brand and a window into future plans. 

The boutique features over 60 of Terre Bleu’s natural lavender-based products with a new stunning mannequin art display outfitted in a traditional Provençal-style dress made entirely from dried flowers. Terre Bleu social media followers have crowned our featured guest Mademoiselle Fleurette.  

100% handmade soap bar

The Experience Room

In the adjacent Experience Room, you’ll find the famous Yellow Door framed by over 1000 dried lavender bouquets. In addition, there is a live, real time, high definition video stream from the new farm, Fennario Meadows which is located near Glen Huron, Ontario. Terre Bleu will make the live cam a regular component of its customer communication activity and will feature special broadcasts that capture various activities and the remarkable beauty of the farm through the seasons. 

In the Heart of Elora

Located in a 1865 heritage building, at 143 Metcalfe Street, Terre Bleu is proud to call the vibrant town of Elora home. The boutique will be open daily from 11 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 6 pm on weekends.

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