The Yellow Door Collection

Opening the door to joyful creations

Meet the Yellow Door Collection

What's in a door? Every time you pass through a door you direct your attention to that very moment. Doors are everywhere reminding us to pay attention to the world around us and to connect with life. Our fresh new collection is inspired by our whimsical iconic Yellow Door, the magical words above it, and the special moments that surround it.


An Ode to Joy all year round, featuring our pyjama set to keep you warm and cozy.

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A soft and subtle homage to the delicate nature of the ecosystem our farm finds itself upon.

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Be bold when sharing your love of Terre Bleu's Yellow Door in this stylish, striking design.

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a yellow door in white frame sits in a lavender field with purple blooms. a toddler boy wearing light blue opens the door from inside while his parents stand on either side. the mother is pregnant, everyone is happy and at peace

More Than A Door

All In The Family

The Doorway to I Do

It is for these reasons and many others we decided it was time for us to create a collection of items centred around the Yellow Door and all the Joy it has helped inspire.

For those that have literally walked through the door and found their joys ahead, our new collection will serve as a reminded for so many of your beautiful Terre Bleu Moments long after your visit.

For those who haven't yet experienced the door and our farm in person, the collection hopefully invokes a feeling of joyful optimism for yourself and all who see it.