New 4 Layer Aromatic Face Mask

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    Show the ones you love, and the broader community that you care by wearing this face mask to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses. This mask features two fixed layers of protection and two removable third and fourth layers for added protection and aroma. PLUS as an extra bonus, this mask has been specially designed to carry an optional aromatic scent to help calm even the most anxious among us. Simple add a drop of our 100% pure lavender oil (included) on the third layer felt pad insert before sliding into the mask pocket providing a relaxing and stress reducing scent while you go about your day. Our fourth antimicrobial layer follows public health recommendations for a non woven polypropylene fabric as a layer in face mask. The non woven aspect allows for a random arrangement of fibres in the fabric - gives high particle filtration while staying highly breathable (compared to woven or knit fabrics), it is light weight, holds an electrostatic charge, trapping incoming & outgoing particles. Each set comes beautifully packaged with a simple message inside "because you care" to reinforce the sentiment that masks help protect others. 

    Each Complete Face Mask Set Includes:

    • 1 x Face Mask
    • 1 x 2mL Lavender Essential Oil
    • 1 x Third Layer Felt Insert
    • 1 x Fourth Layer Microban insert

    ADDITIONAL inserts and essential oil is also available for purchase

    BUY MORE and SAVE!  Get 3 complete mask sets for $59.95!  Makes for a great gift.

    NOTE: Due to high demand, orders may be delayed and will ship as soon as available. 

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