Evergreen Hand-Knit Socks + Hydrosol Gift

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These beautiful and oh-so cozy socks have been hand knit by women in rural Newfoundland as part of  NONIA, a century old tradition that originated when local women sought out a way to pay for the wages of trained nurses to meet the healthcare needs of their isolated communities, and continues as a way for women to support their homes and families. You can read more about our collaboration with NONIA here.

We have included a gift of our 250mL Organic Lavender Hydrosol with the purchase of each pair of socks. Hydrosol is produced alongside essential oil during the distillation process and shares many similar properties to essential oil, but at a gentler, lower concentration. Hydrosol is a highly versatile floral water that can be used in many DIY projects from cleaning sprays, facial toners, self-care bath time uses, even in pet care!

These sock sets are available as a very limited edition run, once we are sold out they will not be restocked.