Fennario Honey

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Our bees are proud to introduce the first product from our new farm, Fennario Meadows. Thousands of bees pollinate the lavender, wildflowers and clover on our farm to produce this exceptional honey! Infused with lavender oil and distilled right on our farm, this honey will transport you to summer in our pastures. Imagine yourself surrounded by the purple fields of lavender and the hum of our busy bees making their rounds.

Fennario Meadows rests on the slopes of Niagara Escarpment near the little town of Glen Huron, 8 kilometres from Creemore.  

100% Canadian golden honey | Canada No. 1

Ingredients: Sugars (honey), lavender essential oil. 

500 g

Honey will naturally crystallize over time. To de-crystallize your honey, gently heat the honey in a warm water bath. Remove the lid from the jar and place in a small pot, pour water into pot so that it comes halfway up the side of the jar. Allow water to heat up to be hot (but not a boil) to melt the crystals. Stir the honey every few minutes. Once the honey is liquid again, remove from heat and replace lid. 


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