Lavender Wrapping Paper with a Game and Prize!

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Put a wrap on your holiday shopping in an elegant fashion with Terre Bleu's new premium wrapping paper. Custom designed in-house to this subtle yet elegant wrapping paper features icons from the farm including our yellow door, joy wreath, and the Terre Bleu lavender bud. Eight pages of this high quality wrapping paper will make any gift it wraps feel a little extra special to the lavender lovers who receive it- the perfect way to go the extra mile for your loved ones.

PLUS To add some fun and an extra surprise to your holidays, we've created a “Where’s Waldo” kind of holiday hunt on each sheet of wrapping paper! Find the one icon that doesn't match all the rest and send us a photo through email on Christmas Day of the odd one out and you will be entered in a draw to win a special lavender gift from us here at Terre Bleu. 

PLEASE NOTE this is a package of eight sheets of wrapping paper for you to wrap your presents independently. If you would like us to take care of the wrapping for you with our custom Terre Bleu bow, gift tag, and greeting card in combination with this beautiful wrapping paper, please select this option!