Calming Lavender Sock Bunnies

Calming Lavender Sock Bunnies

This lavender filled no-sew craft is not only adorable, it smells divine and is simple to make using materials you have on hand! A kid-friendly craft that can double as Easter decor.


  • Sock(s)
  • Flaxseed (or rice if you don’t have flaxseed on hand)
  • Aromatic Lavender Buds
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Black Marker


  1. Mix 3 parts flaxseed and 1 part lavender together. Fill the sock with the mix to the beginning of the heel. Add enough mix so the sock can stand up on its own.
  2. Gently shake the filled sock and form it into a cylinder, making sure all of the rice falls to the foot of the sock. Pinch the upper-middle, forming the head and body of the bunny. Using string, tie off the top heel of the sock directly above the flax mix, forming the bunny’s ears. Tie the sock off again where you have pinched it to form the head and body. Fluff and adjust the sock as necessary.
  3. Cut the top of the sock down the middle to make two ear shapes for the bunny.
  4. Continue to carefully cut, snip and trim away the extra fabric to form two even bunny ears.
  5. Tie a ribbon in a bow around the “neck” of the bunny to create a bowtie.
  6. Use the marker to draw a face! All you need to do is make two little dots for the eyes, and a little “x” for the mouth!
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