Our Lavender

Lavender is the heart of Terre Bleu. The relaxing aroma and natural beauty of our plants inspires everything we do. A lot of hard work brings vibrant, aromatic blooms at varying times throughout the the summer. Harvested by hand, the lavender plants are distilled or dried into a range of natural products.

Spring Maintenance

Lavender Pruning

Summer Harvest

Lavender Harvest

Preserving Lavender

Drying Lavender

Preserving Lavender

Distilling Essential Oil

Final Processing

Lavender Products

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Growing Lavender

Do you have some questions about how to properly maintain your lavender at home? Lavender is best grown in a sunny spot in your garden.

Grow at Home

Using Lavender

Lavender has many uses including help you overcome stress and help you to sleep at night. Read more to find out how to use lavender in your everyday.

Lavender Uses

Cooking with Lavender

Lavender is not just a nice scent, it also has many uses in the culinary world. Often used in baked goods, it also has many uses in savoury dishes.

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