A World In The Making

We are excited to introduce our new farm, Fennario Meadows, located near Creemore, Ontario. The farm is a beautiful blend of plateaus, meadows, and ravines, with the Bruce Trail serving as its western boundary. The land seamlessly joins traditional farmland with natural settings, creating a land that is truly timeless.
Please note that the farm is not currently open to visitors.

The Land

Located on rolling slopes carved by the recession of glaciers over ten thousand years ago, Fennario Meadows is a testament to the mythical beauty of Canadian landscapes. With the Bruce Trail as the western boundary, Fennario Meadows is a kaleidoscopic blend of plateaus, meadows and ravines that seamlessly join traditional farmland with natural settings. Hugging the Niagara Escarpment — a UNESCO World Biosphere — the Fennario land is truly timeless.

The Heritage

As with all Canadian land, the Creemore area was once home to a thriving Indigenous civilization. For hundreds of years, the land was traversed by the Huron and Iroquois confederacy including a small Iroquois tribe known as the Petun or Tabacco people. French explorers and missionaries — including Samuel de Champlain — travelled through these hills beginning in 1616. Under pressure from infectious diseases introduced by European contact, and tribal wars, the Petun eventually resettled in locations in Oklahoma, Kansas and Michigan where their descendants still live.

Since the 1800’s, the area has been home to Irish and Scottish immigrants who farmed Ontario’s famous 100 acre plots. Fennario Meadows continues this timeless tradition, proving that small working farms continue to be a staple of Canadian culture and economy.


Fennario Meadows

This project has a modest and sustainable footprint imbued with respect for the natural horticultural beauty of this stunning landscape. In 2019, a plan was created to maintain agricultural stewardship of this land with economically viable values. In 2021, this thoughtful revival was enhanced with the introduction of a wide array of lavender, splendid wildflower pastures, and the restoration of lovely rose gardens that were originally introduced in the mid-1900’s. This project is determined to honour the continued conservancy and care of this remarkable land.

Expected opening 2025