The story of Terre Bleu began when owners, Ian and Isabelle Baird fell in love with a lavender farm while vacationing in Quebec.  The two were awed by the spectacular fields of purple and the fragrant air that swirled all around, inspiring the techpreneur/biologist and Olympian/health professional duo to make a 180º change in their lives. They moved from downtown Toronto, with their young children William and Madeline, to rural Milton and began their adventurous endeavour of farming organic lavender.

In 2011 the Bairds planted their first 10,000 lavender plants. After years of careful planning and cultivation the farm opened to the visiting public in 2014. Today, the family run business is the largest lavender farm in Ontario and is home to over 40,000 lavender plants. Terre Bleu welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every summer to share how sustainable and organic farming can have a positive impact on the world in which we live. 


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