How to Prep your Lavender Plants for Winter

How to Prep your Lavender Plants for Winter

General Plant Care for the Winter

Water less frequently than in the summer. The lavender will be undergoing its dormant period (will not be growing very much). If your plant will be inside for the winter, keep it in a cool, non-freezing location with sunlight and air circulation.

In the Late Summer/ Early Fall

Slow down watering of plants. Lavender prefers a dry soil, and the amount of rain that naturally falls will be sufficient for the plant. If the plant is receiving too much water, once the ground starts to freeze, ice will form and will damage your plant. 

Lavender Plants in the Ground

Prepare plants for winter by pruning. Once harvesting has been completed for the season (ex. you have cut off all the lavender flower blooms), a light pruning to create a mound can help to minimize damage by snow.

Cut the newer stems, but avoid cutting the woody part of the plants. A major pruning will be done in the spring. The woody parts of the plant are weak and can be prone to splitting and breaking under the heavy snow and ice of winter.

Lavender Plants Outside

Dig a hole in the ground deep enough to place the whole pot in the ground, with the soil level of the ground the same as in the pot. This will give some protection and insulation to the roots and help it survive the winter.

If you cannot bury in the ground:

Move pot near a wall to offer some protection from wind (or into a shed).

Put pot into larger pot and fill the spaces in between the two pots will leaves and mulch to offer insulation.

Move pots inside to give more protection from the winter cold. (see below for details) 

Bringing Potted Planted Inside for the Winter:

When bring it inside for the winter, it will need to be acclimatized to its new location, to do this:

Move plant to a covered porch (receives less sunlight) to get it used to less sun for a few hours each day for a week or so, increase time toward end. Leave potted plant in this spot without moving for another week.

Move the plant inside house for a couple hours each day for a week, gradually increasing time inside.

Keep in a good spot that receives lots of sunlight and has good air circulation

Water less often than in the summer. Allow top inch of soil to be dry before watering again.

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