Gift Guide - for the Foodie

Gift Guide - for the Foodie

The best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach! These exclusive lavender food products will be sure to please everyone’s palate and perfect for your hard-to-buy-for foodie friends and family members.

Gift Guide for the Foodie


  1. Hot ChocolateWarm up on those cold winter nights with our rich milk chocolate cocoa blended with a fine culinary lavender powder for a truly delightful experience.

  2. Chocolate TrufflesHandmade from quality ingredients, Terre Bleu's truffles are filled with a lavender chocolate ganache and lavender caramel, creating a melt in your mouth taste that will leave you craving more.

  3. Honey: Terre Bleu's premium line of lavender honey is detectable to the nose and subtle on the pallet. Our honey harvest is carefully timed to coincide with the blooming and pollinating of our plants, such that our bees have naturally imparted the flavour of lavender into this deliciously sweet and unadulterated product.

  4. CheeseOur rich and creamy gouda is infused with buds of our farm grown culinary lavender. Carefully aged the slightly sweet taste of our lavender gives this one of a kind cheese just the right flair that will have you coming back for more!

  5. VinaigretteDelight your tastebuds with our Lavender Vinaigrette that provides a fresh mix of savoury and sweet, creating a delicious combination for fresh greens and vegetables. Add an unexpected twist to your next meal, or treat your friends and family to a culinary experience like no other.

  6. ShortbreadMelt in your mouth lavender shortbreads are a perfect gift for any lover of sweet buttery treats. Our cookies are handmade, delivering the best flavours from our premium culinary lavender buds.

  7. Lavender TeaFor lovers of Earl Grey tea, here is a new twist on a classic blend. Carefully combined to create the perfect balance of bergamot and dried lavender buds, it will take your teatime to new heights.

  8. Salt: Our lavender sea salt is made with the finest of natural sun dried Ibiza sea salt blended with our best culinary lavender buds.

  9. Maple Syrup: A gorgeous new twist on a traditional Canadian sweet treat. Our beautiful amber maple syrup is the perfect balance of maple and soft floral undertones found within our premium culinary lavender.

  10. Jelly TrioThis delightful trio includes three delicious Lavender Jellies: Lavender, Lavender Peach, and Lavender Mint for three fresh and new uses. Try our premium lavender jellies with toast, on cheese, or with your favourite meats, particularly lamb.

  11. Strawberry Jam: The true flavour of summer, Terre Bleu natural Strawberry Jam is made from fresh strawberries and our luxurious farm-grown lavender. Perfect on toast and scones, spoon into hot cereal or yogurt, or enjoy over ice cream.

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