Throughout the summer at our farm store, we carry French and English lavender plants for sale. Learn how to plant, grow and care for your lavender year round using our plant care guide.

  • Lavender loves the sun! Plant your lavender in a full sun area that will receive at least 6 hours of full sun.
  • Place your lavender in soil that has good drainage. Lavender roots do not like to sit in a lot of water. They can rot if there is too much moisture.
  • Plant your lavender 18” apart from other plants.
  • Water new plants only until the roots have established in the soil. Generally, you will not have to water your lavender plant all summer as it will be able to gather enough water from the rain.
  • Lavender can also be planted in a pot. Re-plant your plant in a large pot to give it room to grow. Make sure the pot is able to drain water. You can place rocks at the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.
  • In the spring (mid-May), check your plant for new growth. You will begin to see the old stems begin to change from a grey colour to green. Cut away any dead stems to allow the sun to reach the interior of the plant. Prune the plant back to approximately 2 inches above the woody area.
  • In the summer, you will not have to water your lavender plant as it will be able to gather enough water from the rain. If your lavender is planted in a pot, only water when the soil is dry to the touch.
  • In the fall, before winter, you can prune your plants back to 2” above the woody area of the plant. This will allow them to keep a nice round shape over the winter, and can help to minimize breakage from the weight of snow. Lavender planted in the ground should survive the winter without any care. Lavender planted in pots should be move to a protected location (ie a garage or shed) for the winter. If left out, the plant will freeze and may not survive the winter.
Your lavender will be ready to harvest when ⅓ of the flowers have opened. To harvest your lavender, gather the flower stems into a bunch and trim. Tie the bunch using an elastic. Enjoy fresh or hang upside-down in a dark, dry location for 2-4 weeks.
      • Use your fresh cut lavender for a beautiful bouquet or as garnish for your food!
      • Dried lavender can be used for decoration that will last for years!
      • Gently remove the buds from your dried lavender for use in DIY bath and body projects, recipes (english varieties) or in a sachet to make your home smell divine! 
      • Decreases stress and anxietyAides in sleep and sleep quality
      • Natural antibacterial and antiseptic