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  • Salted White Chocolate Lavender Cookies

    Posted on July 13 2018

    These soft, delicious cookies filled with sweet white chocolate chips and organic lavender are the perfect treat. Enjoy on their own, with a cool glass of milk, or a warm...

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  • Lavender Butter Tarts

    Posted on July 06 2018

    Makes 12 tarts A Terre Bleu tradition, mixing a Canadian favourite with our organic lavender! Nothing beats a butter tart with a flaky crust that melts in your mouth, a buttery...

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  • Lavender Strawberry Popsicles

    Posted on June 29 2018

    Makes 8 - 10 popsicles Lavender and strawberry are a refreshing mix, perfect to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Made with all natural ingredients, no refined sugars, and...

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  • Lavender Gin Twist

    Posted on June 22 2018

    Makes 4 servings Spruce up your cocktail parties with this twist on a classic English drink. Here at Terre Bleu we love any opportunity to get friends and family together...

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